“This is a REALLY easy+foolproof loaf to bake. Very healthy as well. I usually bake it in mini loaf tins and freeze it, and take it out the morning I require it - fresh for lunch. This was the first bread I baked and it came out perfect!”
1hr 5mins
3 loaves

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 560 g bread flour
  • 560 g brown bread flour
  • 80 g natural bran
  • 12 12 ml salt
  • 125 ml sunflower oil
  • 125 ml honey (or half honey+half molasses)
  • 450 ml seeds, mixture (linseed, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower)
  • 2 (10 g) packets instant yeast
  • 1 liter lukewarm water


  1. Grease 3 medium loaf tins or several smaller tins well.
  2. Place all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and mix well to form a smooth, heavy batter.
  3. *Note*No need to sift flour.
  4. Spoon the batter into tins making them no more than half full, and sprinle some sesame seeds on top.
  5. Place the tins in a protected, mildly warm spot and leave to rise until doubled.
  6. Bake at 200 deg celcius for 20 mins, lower to 180 degrees celcius and bake for a further 20 mins until browned on the top.
  7. Cool in tins for 5 mins then remove onto cooling racks.
  8. TIPS: Once cooled, wrap in cling film, and freeze the loaves you do not require immediatly as home made yeast bread does not last long.
  9. Adjust time accordingly for smaller tins as they might require less than 1/2 the time.
  10. You can use a drop of choc brown colouring if you want really dark brown loaves.
  11. You could also sprinkle some wheat into the tins before putting the batter in.
  12. The seed mixture is 450ml of what you like.
  13. Add the seeds and amounts according to your tastes (maybe try raisins next time)- it's all up to you.
  14. Serve with butter/marg or a good spread.

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