“This recipe transforms everyday chicken into a true masterpiece. My kids love it!”
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  1. Preheat over to 425. In a small bowl, combine the sage, parsley, thyme, salt and pepper, set aside.
  2. Starting at the large opening of the chicken and working back over the breast, run your fingers between the skin and the meat to create a pocket over each side of the breast. Slip 1/4 of the herb mixture into each pocket, massaging the herbs into the meat but taking care not to tea the skin. Make a small slit in each thigh. Separate the skin from the meat by again running a finger through the slits and working the skin loose. Slip the remaining spice mixture into the thigh pockets, again massaging the herbs into the meat without breaking the skin. Finally, squeeze the lemon juice into the larger cavity of the bird and rub your hands over the interior to coat it with the juice. Place the lemon wedges, onion quarters, and celery inside the large cavity.
  3. Place the chicken breast-side up in a shallow roasting pan, broiler pain, or baking dish fitted with a rack or other device designed to keep it out of the rendered fat that will pool in the pan. Roast until golden brown and an instant-read meat thermometer inserted into the thickest par of the thigh registers 165 F, about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes at rom temperature before carving.

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