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“Using a store bought Creme Caramel, I love these occasionally but have always found them a bit, "was that it?" disappointing when they're all gone so quickly. I had a somewhat bashed very ripe peach to eat amongst my stocks of fruit and this was the most amazing and incredibly toffee-licious dessert I've ever had. Produced in about 1 1/2 minutes and demolished even quicker.... If you love creme caramels but like me find them too insubstantial and you love peaches and cream do give this a try - it's heavenly!! I imagine that it would work just as well with an over-ripe banana too. The plus side is that it's really low fat and very good for you.”

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  1. Entering this recipe, I ran into great difficulty entering the main ingredient: a store-bought "Creme Caramel". It's possible that they may have a different name or even not be available in the USA ?.
  2. In the UK, every supermarket, big or small, stocks joined together packs of four "Creme Caramel" desserts which are basically individual egg-custard desserts which have a runny toffee-like syrup at the bottom of the tubs. They have a tab on the bottom which when pulled releases the vacuum holding the custard to the tub and they can be up-ended into a bowl and the runny sauce which was on the bottom of the tub forms a toffee-syrup topping to the egg-custard. Hope that helps to identify the product I'm referring to :).
  3. Method:
  4. Rinse and dry the peach.
  5. Using a suitable knife (a small, sharp vegetable knife is good) carefully slice as much of the flesh away from the kernel as you can. (I've found it helpful to slice it right thru to the kernel all the way around, then sliding the knife into the gap, use the tip to separate the flesh from the kernel. - You should pretty much be able to get both halves off intact.).
  6. Assuming the skin isn't really tough I'd leave it on (mine was fine), slice the two halves to around the size of slices you'd get from a can.
  7. Chop all the slices, cutting each slice into roughly half-inch chunks.
  8. Arrange around the outside of a dessert bowl and sprinkle with a little granulated sweetener if you think there's a danger of the peach not being ripe enough or drizzle some honey over the peach chunks.
  9. Place a few (small) dollops of plain nonfat yoghurt (or vanilla or toffee or other preferred flavour) over the peach segments leaving the middle clear and ready to place the creme caramel into. Do resist the temptation to bathe the peaches in yoghurt though! It's only only there to compliment the peaches :).
  10. Sprinkle fairly generously with granulated sweetener over the dollops of yoghurt to sweeten it a lot - to make it more like cream - or if not calorie-counting use cream and forget the sweetener!
  11. Spinkle a little cinnamon over the yoghurt and peaches (to taste).
  12. Open the Creme Caramel dessert and pull the tab on the bottom so its ready to fall out.
  13. Carefully position it and up-end it to fall neatly in the space left for it in the bowl. (I suppose if you were more logical than me you'd have put the creme caramel into the bowl first - I didn't think of it !).
  14. Drizzle as much of the sugary syrup as you can persuade out of the carton over the yoghurt and peaches.
  15. SERVE.
  16. Sadly it's still gone all too soon!, but if you have any more peaches you get do four of those creme caramels per pack! If no peaches I guess some chopped up over-ripe banana chunks around the outside would be great instead. I imagine sweetened vanilla yoghurt or sweetened toffee yoghurt would be nice too, toffee yoghurt especially if using banana instead.
  17. I've found that if not using real cream then you really do need to add sweetener to yoghurt though, or it's much too sour against the sweetness of the creme caramel dessert.
  18. Hope you like - I thought it was absolutely wonderful !

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