“This comes from a now closed restruant in Milwaukee, Heinemanns, and this is one of the very few recipes they chose to make public. I'm a novice at best at baking and these came out waaaaaay good. I did add the vanilla however. Good luck and good eating. Louis”
1hr 25mins
36 cookies

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  1. I find it much easier to bake after chilling the dough, 30 minute in this case.
  2. bake at 350 for 13, count em, 13 minutes.
  3. cool for 3min. before transfering to your mouth, I mean the cooling rack.
  4. I also have discovered in order to maintain oven temperature after each batch, to increase the oven temperature by 50 degrees or so.I try to keep the door- opening down to as few times as possible, but it is amazing how much heat you can lose in just a couple of seconds. Anyway, hope you enjoy these, as I haven't seen them anywhere in my almost maddening cookie recipe search. I guess I forgot, but I think everyone knows the usual mixing order and size and such, they also look pretty cool with one or two M&M's on top just before tossing into the oven.

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