“This butter could be used with both Hemp Seed oil and Emu Oil. Both exotic oils have known to have excellent healing properties. I have a friend who owns a christmas tree farm and is allergic to the trees. Needless to say come December her hands are a mess. I had made up this cream for her and she said that it has really helped with her hands. This thick white cream is wonderful any area that needs special treatment. When I had my toiletry business, this was one of my top sellers!! Needless to say, this is not meant as food consumption. The conversion to ounces is: 1 ounce = 28.375 g.”
200 gm

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 178 g shea nut butter (Avocado, Mango could be used in exchange)
  • 20 g hemp seed oil (or Emu Oil ~ any other carrier oil could be used, but you would not get the same results)
  • 2 g vitamin E


  1. Before starting, make sure your work station is as clean as possible. Have clean utensils and pots -- the tubes you are putting your product in have been cleaned. You want to keep your finished product to stay as sterile as possible. Carrier and exotic oils have a shelf life -- smell them to make sure they are still fresh.
  2. Measure out the ingredients into a small measuring cup. Heat in the microwave for 45 seconds until pliable but not fully melted. Whip the butter.
  3. together vigorously until creamy and package in small jars.
  4. Note: This product will have a slightly grainy feel because of the Shea Nut Butter. This will melt with the heat of the skin.
  5. Vitamin E had wonderful, healing properties on it's own, but it also works as a preservative. Mark your jars the date made and use up within 2 years.
  6. A little goes a long way with this cream, so it is possible to cut the recipe in half, share with a friend or give away as gifts. Your friends would love you.
  7. Caution: These butters do not have the heavy preservatives that the commercial products have. With any home product that is "applied" to the skin, keep in mind about how clean your skin is and who is going to use it. Beware that if you pass your lotion around you could possible contaminate your stick. The cleaner the enviroment it is going to be used in the longer the shelf life it is going to have. If you are going to share your lotion, use a knife to "skim" some lotion off. Just some "food for thought"!

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