Homemade Frappe Cappuccino

“It couldn't be easier to make and everybody thinks my version, with fresh brewed espresso, is better. The recipe is sized to refill one bottle. If making several, just put the right amount of espresso and sugar in each bottle and fill to the brim with milk. Try variations: A friend loves these with decaf espresso and vanilla soy milk sweetened with splenda. If you don't have an espresso machine, get one. The money saved making this drink alone would quickly pay for an inexpensive but quality machine from Briel or other manufacters. (I found a good used machine on eBay.) Avoid the machines that force water throught the coffee with steam; a machine with a pump will make much better espresso.”

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  1. Mix the sugar and coco together first then combine all ingredients in a glass or bottle.
  2. Shake or stir rapidly until well combined and frothy (I save store bought Frappuncino bottles and use them after running the bottles and caps through the dishwasher).
  3. Store unused Frappuncinos in the refrigerator as you would fresh milk and shake or stir before using.
  4. Note: I sometimes include an ounce or two of half-and-half with the milk for a thicker, richer beverage.

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