“My husband doesn't like Hamburger Helped, but liked this "homemade." It is not one-dish (pot), but it was good. My kids ate it like crazy. Any noodle with substance can be used. I would shy away from wide egg noodles (or skinny egg noodles) because they will probably disintegrate when the other stuff is stirred in....but I guess it could be done. I would also be willing to substitute the cream of potato for cream of mushroom. And additions, like chopped celery or carrots would be good, too. Steam or saute them before you add them would be my suggestion.”

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  1. Brown ground beef. I use 95/5 and don't have anything to drain. If you use something that has more fat, drain the fat. Season with Nature's Seasoning.
  2. Melt bouillon in water, delglaze pan.
  3. Add onions, cook until almost done.
  4. Cook noodles in dutch oven, drain and return to pan.
  5. Pour ground beef into dutch oven, along with soups. Stir until noodles are coated.
  6. Steam peas (I put in 4-cup Ziploc container, put the lid on part way, and microwave for 4 minutes).
  7. Fold peas into noodle mixture gently.

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