“Found this in a magazine. It takes a while to make, but isn't home-made always better than store-bought? =) BTW, according to the magazine, the recipe calls for extra-large eggs, NOT jumbo eggs.”
4 large un-cut sheets

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  1. Sift both flours into a food processor and sprinkle salt over. Set aside.
  2. Whisk whole eggs in a small bowl, and then whisk in oil and water.
  3. With the food processor running, pour in the egg-oil mixture slowly.
  4. Add the egg yolk as the mixture begins to form into a ball.
  5. Process until the dough is a buttery color and forms into a smooth ball, which should take about 30 seconds. DO NOT OVER-MIX.
  6. Remove dough from food processor and knead it with your hands for a minute.
  7. Form it back into a ball. Wrap with plastic wrap and let it rest for 20 - 30 minutes.
  8. Place dough on a lightly-floured surface and divide into four equal balls. Keep unused dough wrapped in plastic while you work, to prevent it from drying up.
  9. Lightly flour one of the dough balls and form into a disc.
  10. Feed it through a pasta machine roller set at the thickest setting (No. 1); repeat.
  11. Fold the dough strip into thirds or quarters to create a square.
  12. Feed the dough strip through the pasta machine six times, flouring as needed and decreasing thickness by one setting each time, ending at number 5 or 6, depending on the thickness desired.
  13. Cut dough into 13 inch long strips while soft.
  14. Dry strips on a rack or on a board for at least 15 minutes.
  15. Repeat with remaining 3 balls of dough.
  16. Use immediately. Or dry the strips completely (at least 24 hours) and store in a large re-sealable food storage bag for up to 3 days.

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