Homemade "montreal Steak Spice"

“This is a combination of several kopycat recipes I found for "Montreal Steak Spice". I messed with them till I came up with this. Hubby has a Cottonseed Oil alergy which seems to be in many store bought spice mixes which was the driving force for this.”
1 quart jar

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  1. ** Note: Substitute 6 Tbls Black peppercorn, depending on what is you have handy or preference.
  2. # Note: chilie peppers optional to taste, if you like it hot add more and with seeds
  3. Lightly toast each whole spice separately in a dry cast pan until it releases the aroma or starts to brown
  4. Then grind each spice separately to a fairly course texture due to the different hardness’s of the spices. Some are harder than others and require more time in the grinder. As always, a cheap coffee grinder works great!
  5. Combine the newly ground spices and the "Just Add" spices in bowl till cool then put in a jar for storage.
  6. Rub on steak half an hour before cooking. The longer it marinades the better. I have added sage and used this on chicken and pork as well.
  7. This makes a large mason jar full (1 quart) I make enough to share lol.

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