“Hair remover and shaper!”
1 1/3 Cups

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  1. Dust area with cornstarch first.
  2. Mix the ingredients, and microwave it for 2 minute.
  3. ,stir and microwave it for about 20-30 sec.
  4. more.
  5. Let it cool till it is warm and you can spread a THIN strip onto your skin.
  6. Make sure your skin is clean, so the oils in your skin and hair don't keep the sugar from sticking.
  7. Using small knife with no blade like a cheese spreader, a popsicle stick, or a tongue depressor to spread it on.
  8. Spread a thin strip of the mixture onto leg, Cover it with a strip of cotton fabric (like an old shirt or old sheet).
  9. Rub the strip three times in the direction of the growth, then (very important) pull the skin taut, pull against the direction of hair growth.
  10. BTW, whether you pull the skin taut from the top or bottom of the strip doesn't seem to matter, just the tautness of the skin.
  11. You have to occasionally reheat the mixture for about 23sec in the microwave.

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