“I developed this recipe as a trailer park chef in training. As a poor bachelor trying to feed (Impress) a couple of ladies with not a lot of cash or ingredients in the cupboards. I had eaten a delicacy in OK years prior called an onion fried burger and though good the burgers really lacked flavor both in the meat and flavor . Any who while trying to cook for these ladies I came up with a way of cooking that results in a superior onion burger. Hope you agree.”

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  1. Take onion cut into slices med. to thin slices pop out middle core from slices discard. Take slices and separate into bowl. take cinnamon and coat onion lightly while stirring them with your hand to ensure good coverage to all onions. Set aside.
  2. take hamburger and separate with hands and add season salt, chili flakes, garlic powder, also add minced dried onion.
  3. the garlic powder season salt I don't have exact measurements just be sensible about taste.
  4. mix burger and ingredients with hands and separate into 4 equal portions take portions and roll into balls in hand compressing as you roll then take and set on flat surface and with plate or large saucer press into 1 inch or thicker patties ( I use a cutting board and my palm but I have really large palms and its in the T.P.C.S. guidelines to use your hand as much as possible) :).
  5. take patties and set in ungreased frying pan on med- hi heat. Press patties into pan around the edges. Take onions and set in middle of pan.
  6. Cook burgers and onions in pan adjusting heat so as not to scorch the outside while leaving inside raw. Mix onions (I use fork and my hand) press the burgers gently to help release the fats into the onions.
  7. Flip burgers when they are half done and once burger begins to cook on second side really be vigilant at pressing the grease out of the burgers while mixing the onions
  8. You know the onions are getting done when they are darkened really have never had to pull onions out early. Once burgers are fully cooked place generous amount of onions on top of burgers and place 2 slice of cheese on top of that top with bun turn off heat and let cheese melt.
  9. once melted remove from heat and garnish to desire. Enjoy from the chefs at Trailer Park Chef Society .

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