How to Make the Best Tapioca Boba in 7 Easy Steps

“Ever had boba that was just too chewy or too hard? Maybe soft on the outside but strangely dense on the inside? Well say goodbye to that not-so-yummy-boba! Here is our recipe to making Tapioca Boba with the perfect consistency. Cook it for yourself at home or for your business! Plus, a small twist at the end that will definitely, definitely make you say "Holy Boba".”
1hr 15mins

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  1. Measure the amount of tapioca that you'd like to cook. In a separate pot, measure six times the amount of water (ex: 1 cup tapioca = 6 cups water). Please make sure you have enough water or else the boba is likely to stick and burn.
  2. Bring the pot of water to a boil.
  3. Once boiling, put the tapioca in and stir lightly so nothing sticks to the bottom. Similar to cooking pasta .
  4. Boil on High with the lid closed for 23-28 minutes (cooking time vary depending on your stove power). If the pot overflows then you will need a bigger pot.
  5. Once time is up, remove the pot from the stove with the lid still closed. Let the pot sit for 20-25 minutes.
  6. Drain the excess liquid and wash the tapioca in slightly warm water. Drain again.
  7. Put it in a serving pot and you're done!

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