“Salt cod is used in many cultures, including Portuguese, Spanish, Scandinavian, and native American Alaskan. It’s actually quite easy to prepare, but its unfamiliarity to many people keeps them from using it. Hopefully this recipe, more of a method, actually, will help! :) It is taken adapted from the collective cookbook “Cooking Alaskan,” and the “Marine Fish Cookbook.” Prep time includes maximum soaking time.”
24hrs 20mins
2 cups cooked, flaked fish

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  1. Rinse the salt cod thoroughly under cool running water.
  2. Place salt cod in a large container of cold water and soak it up to 24 hours prior to preparing the dish, changing the water several times during soaking.
  3. Rinse the cod again and measure the fillet at the thickest point.
  4. Place the soaked fish in a saucepan and add cold water to cover, then add the white vinegar, diced carrot, ribs of celery, quartered onion, any spices desired, half a bay leaf, and dried parsley or a few sprigs fresh parsley.
  5. DON’T add any salt!
  6. Bring the cold water to boiling then immediately lower the temperature and simmer the cod gently for 10 minutes per inch (remember measuring the thickest point of the fillet?) of thickness.
  7. When the time is up the cod is now ready to remove the skin and bones, and you can flake it and use it in any recipe calling for cooked cod.
  8. Note: 1 pound of unprepared salt cod will equal about 2 cups of cooked, flaked fish.

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