“This recipe uses paprika instead of chili powder as the base seasoning, and gives the sauce a distinct Hungarian goulash taste. As with all sauces, this one will be even tastier if refrigerated and then reheated and served the next day.”
2hrs 45mins

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  1. Sauté ground beef, stirring frequently to break the meat into small pieces, until brown. Remove from heat and drain grease.
  2. Sauté chopped onion, garlic and Hungarian pepper until tender. Add ground beef, marjoram and thyme. Stir to mix ingredients evenly throughout.
  3. Slowly add the tomato puree. Add paprika and again stir the mixture. Add vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and mustard. Add water to thin to preferred texture; not more than 8 oz. should be sufficient.
  4. Simmer sauce on low heat in a covered pot for about two hours. Allow sauce to cool and salt to taste. Hungarian peppers are the mildest of the hot peppers, and if you desire more heat, add Tabasco or your favorite hot sauce to taste, then reheat for about ½ hour.
  5. Serve over hot dogs on buns. Offer chopped Vidalia onion, and for an additional Hungarian touch, add a dab of sour cream on top of the hot dog.

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