“I love St. Patrick's Day, but don't like the American tradition of corned beef and cabbage. I learned that corned beef and cabbage isn't traditionally Irish anyway, it's Irish American. I was trying to find a traditional Irish stew recipe for St. Patrick's Day, and while there were a lot of recipes, the one thing all the traditionalists agree upon is that there is no alcohol in a traditional Irish stew. I have now made this two years in a row for St. Patrick's Day and look forward to it again in the years to come! Most of the cooking time is inactive.”
3hrs 5mins

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  1. In a 6 quart dutch oven, place the butter and onion over medium-low heat and cook onions for about 5-10 minutes.
  2. Place in lamb, potatoes, and carrots.
  3. Fill dutch oven with water to about 1 inch from top. Place back on the stove.
  4. Allow stew to simmer for 1½-3 hours or until meat is falling off the bone. Add peas, parsley, salt, and pepper about 30 minutes before stew is done.

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