Italian Bread for the Bread Machine

“I am in Australia at the moment & my sister has a bread machine. I wanted to try a flavored loaf & this was the result. You could also add a handful of black olives if you'd like which I would have, but my sister doesn't like them. The prep time includes 40mins to roast the garlic, & 20mins to chop, grate, etc. all add-ins. Cook time is for the machine.”
4hrs 30mins
1 Loaf (1kg)

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Put first 7 ingredients into bread machine in order listed (or as per your bread machine's instructions).
  2. Start bread machine, again as per your instructions.
  3. (Mine says cook as"French" bread with a Medium crust).
  4. When prompted to add ingredients (usually towards the end of the second knead) add the mashed garlic cloves, onion, oregano,cheeses& black pepper.
  5. Let bread rise& cook.
  6. Serve warm with butter.

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