Italian Flag Clams and Linguine Pasta Party

“This is a fast recipe once you get the pasta made. I suggest making the pastas on one day and freezing them and on the day you want to serve, just cook the pasta al dente and pour on the sauce. Add a salad, a bottle of wine, and some crusty bread or garlic bread and it's a dinner party for a dozen of your closest friends!”

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  1. Clean the clams: Clean the clams. If they are sandy put them into a bowl with slowly running water and a handful of flour so they de-gorge themselves while you put the sauce together.
  2. Start boiling salted and oiled water for the pasta while you do the next step.
  3. Simmer the chopped clams and juices in a large pot with the clam juice, wine, thyme, butter, and a little salt and pepper. Add the cherrystones and cover. Keep simmering on very low heat so you don't overcook the clams.
  4. Put oil in a huge pot of salted water and cook each pasta starting with the sun dried tomato, wait one minute and add the spinach pasta, wait one minute and add the pasta fresca. Wait two minutes and test every minute to see when it is done enough for you.
  5. To keep the pasta from sticking together don't start cooking until the sauce is ready. Fresh pasta cooks very fast depending on how thin you rolled them and how dry they are. I suggest making and freezing the pastas ahead of time to simplify the recipe. Once the pastas are cooked al dente your clams should have steamed open.
  6. Put pasta in a large serving bowl and pour the sauce over top along with the cherrystone clams. Sprinkle the parsley on top and let everyone dig inches Pass the bread for sopping up.

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