“This is a good recipe for a chunky and crisp italian style pizza dough. It's quite simple and basic. But it makes a nice crust where you can add your favourite topping.”
1hr 20mins

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  1. Mix yeast and sugar in lukewarm water.
  2. The warmth and sugar will make it go'alive'.
  3. Mix salt with dough.
  4. Stir yeast-mixture in dough (with hand or machine) knead the dough for 10 minutes.
  5. It should become elastic and silky.
  6. Let it rest for an hour covered with a moist cloth in a warm place.
  7. When the dough has doubled in size it's ok.
  8. Slice the dough in two and use one ball to make your pizza crust.
  9. knead that ball for a few minutes.
  10. Roll it out or flip the dough to a round of about 30 centimers (12 inch).
  11. Ad tomatosauce and your favourite stuff.
  12. (I like it simpel with tomatosauce, mozarella and basillicum).
  13. Cook it in your oven on a stone at the highest temperature for about 8- 12 minutes.
  14. If the crust has bubbles and the cheese is bubbling it's done.
  15. Enjoy!

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