“Just an original make up. slow cooking, veg always to be placed on on top. the pot is a flat based or 3 legged variety and veg esp to be placed in tiers according to cooking time”
3hrs 20mins

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Grease the pot with olive oil/ or sunflower oil and preheat on the fire.
  2. brown all of the onions diced or sliced and braise leg of pork until light brown releasing some fat.
  3. take off heat and stir pot (once only).
  4. place vegetables in this order around leg.
  5. sliced tomatoes and a little stock.
  6. around leg and on top of tomatoes place the apples in quarters followed by the potatoes and then finally the mushrooms.
  7. pour the rest of stock and any other leftovers over the ingredients and then add the wine.
  8. the fluid should just about reach the top of the veggies maybe 1 inch or so below.
  9. the cinamon must be allowed to roam around freely and the cloves can be placed in any of the tiers or allowed to float on top.
  10. place on fire and leave for approx 2-3hrs-- No stirring and No burning.
  11. just keep the fire going checking if the potatoes are done every now and again with a sharp knife-- when potatoes are soft leave to simmer and when you are happy stir.
  12. serve over a bed of rice with your favourite garnishing-- your'e welcome and enjoy.
  13. If you get a piece of meat.
  14. ENJOY.
  15. FROM IVOR capetown.

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