“This was one of my favorite dishes as a child growing up in jamaica. Now that i am an adult and i do not get to make it as often as i would like, I go to my moms home and dig in.... still yummy. My kids love this as well. when all else fails them. this does not.”
2hrs 20mins

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Wash the beans, Put in large pot w/scallion onion, thyme , green pepper & stew beef pour water 4" above the ingredients, boil on med flame.
  2. Boil salt beef in sep pot until some of the the salt is boiled out, around 30min, take out and transfer to the main pot.
  3. Partially Cover Pot w/ a lid , boil until the beans are very soft. taste them. they should melt in your mouth,*make sure water does not boil out. add water when needed.
  4. add the remaining ingredients, and boil until the liquid lessens and the stew thickens.(not too thick).
  5. serve w/rice.

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