“The pampered chef, I was wary of trying this even though the picture looked amazing. I am not a big fan of super spicy. So I make chicken breasts instead of tenders. It was sooo good I had seconds and wanted thirds!”

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  1. Wisk together jerk rub and olive oil. Add chicken and coat all sides. set aside.
  2. Slice pineapple into small chunks, or use a can or pineapple chunks drained.
  3. Cook chicken on both sides till cooked, then set aside. Cook pineapple in pan 1 minute on both sides. Cook bacon either in the oven or in the pan, let drain then crumble.
  4. Thinly slice red peppers and green onions. If you like arrange 12 lettuce leaves on a platter. Chop additional lettuce.
  5. Make dressing by wisking together the zest of one lime, and juice of 2. Add mayonaise and pineapple preserves. I didn't have preserves so I added pineapple juice and a few mashed up pieces of the pienapple.
  6. Layer salad on leaves, chopped lettuce, beans, bell peppers, chicken, pineapple, bacon and green onions.Drizle dressing over salad.

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