“My husband found the basic part of this recipe in a Marshall Fields employees cookbook. He has added some touches of his own. We first cooked this recipe for a Christmas Party and decided to try it with Elk (and not tell our guests that it was Elk until afterwards). We thought we made a large batch so we could have leftovers - but don't count on it!!!!”
1hr 40mins

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  1. Mix dry seasonings together along with a dash of Lowry's seasoned salt (optional). Take half the seasoning mixture and rub into meat and let stand for about 30 minute.
  2. Pour half the bouillon into bottom of roasting pan and brown meat at 450 for 10-15 minutes each side. If using elk meat pieces I only do it for about 5 minutes each side since they are considerably smaller than a rump roast. After the initial browning take the meat and place it on a meat rack. Pour the rest of the seasoning and bouillon over the meat. Cover and bake UP TO 3 hrs, at 350. The cooking time can vary (I start checking the meat after 1-1/2 hours). If using Elk pieces, cut baking time down accordingly (meat should be cooked with a little pink but no red showing).
  3. To make the peppers brown the slices in butter adding 1 tablespoon of water, cover and steam appx. 20 minute on VERY low heat.
  4. After meat cools, slice thinly, put in pot or back in roaster with juice and add peppers and cover. Reheat at low temperature until hot. I often freeze or make this a day or more ahead of time. Add more bouillon if more juice is needed.
  5. Serve on French bread rolls or Italian bread. Dip bread into juice before adding meat and peppers.
  6. Tips: Watching to not overcook the meat - even if overcooked it is somewhat forgiving because the meat is in the seasoned broth. I personally prefer to make it ahead and they warm it at a later date. The meat seems to pick up more of the seasoning flavors.

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