“I was looking for a guacamole recipe to accompany my great salsa. But since I hate avocado, I turned to my connoissuere of a friend, Jerry. He tested each batch until he was able to proclaim a winning recipe. Be sure to use Haas avacadoes, which are smaller, dark green avacadoes with a very bumpy skin.”
1 large bowl

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Remove avocadoes from their skins, removing the pit by striking the blade of a sharp knife into the pit, then twisting it gently.
  2. Mash half of the avocado and cut the other half into small pieces.
  3. Combine all other ingredients and gently mix all of the avocado into the mixture.
  4. It is best to make this one day in advance and make sure to keep it out of the air.
  5. You can either spoon the mixture into a ziploc bag, removing any extra air in the bag.
  6. Or you may put the guacamole into a tupperware or a bowl, pressing cellophane wrap down onto the guacamole.

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