“It is a very oceanic type of meal that the whole entire family will enjoy. It or may be a little pricy but it is good for holidays or family renuions. If you are going on a diet this is a good meal because it is full of protein and is packed with a whole bunch of vegatables. If you enjoy seafood you have to try this.”

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  1. .You take th tuna or tuna steaks and grill them until they are almost done then take off the grill and set aside. Then take the crab and grill whole until it is almost done take and pull meat out and set aside with the tuna steaks. Take shrimp and put on grilling sticks and let grill until they are almost done.After they are almost done put along side tuna steaks and crab meat.
  2. After all the meat is cooked take the tuna steaks and cut them up into the size you desire them to be. Take shrimp outta shell and cut off the tail if you don't like it.
  3. Put all of the meat in a mixing bowl. Take a small bowl and put mayomnaise, mustard, salt, and pepper. Mix well. After that cut up all your vegatables and fruit and put in bowl with meat.
  4. Take lettuce and put in the bottom of the bowl or plate for show. Add nuts, and relish with veggies and meat. Mix withyour hands well. Pour in your bowl (make sure your lettuce is on the bottom). After your salad is mixed pour on lemon juice. It helps finish cooking seafood and keeps veggies and fruits from browning. After all of that is done let it sit in refrigrator for 10 to 30 minutes. Then serve and enjoy.=).

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