Judy B's Crunchy Sweet & Spicy Hot Pickles

“These are no cook pickles and sooooo easy to prepare! Great for gifts!”
144hrs 15mins
6-7 pint jars

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Cut the pickles in long or round slices and drain in a colander with a towel over it overnight in sink.
  2. Mix sugar, minced garlic, and jalapeno slices in a large bowl.
  3. Use the gallon pickle jar and make alternating layers of sugar & pickles.
  4. You may have to shake the jar some and bounce it on a thick towel to make room for all of the pickles.
  5. Cover top with saran wrap or wax paper under the lid.
  6. Set on counter and turn jar every day for 6 days.
  7. Pack in sterile jars & refrigerate.
  8. The fridge makes them crunchy!
  9. Use glass jars for the better flavor.
  10. You can use the cut hamburger pickles too.

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