“I got this from a Frank Davis Cook Book and tweaked it a bit so good!”
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  1. -skin and de-bone the chicken, fill lg pot with skin and bones and enough water to cover.
  2. -slow boil for about an hour.
  3. -remove skin and bones, save water and put on back burner on low fire.
  4. -sauté sausages, until you render out most of the fat, then remove and place in pot.
  5. -season deboned chicken and dredge in flour and sauté them in sausage oil until brown.
  6. - now add water to sausage, enough to cover boil 30 minutes.
  7. -now pick meat from cooled chicken bones, combine all chicken meat, set aside.
  8. - now put bones in water on low fire and simmer with bay leaves, chopped carrot, onion and celery until a rich broth is brewed about 3-4 hours add water as needed. Strain when complete.
  9. -sauté mushrooms in sausage drippings till soft, remove set aside.
  10. -add peanut oil to drippings, heat til almost smoking add flour to make roux.
  11. - whisk well and cook until dark brown.
  12. - now add diced and minced vegetables( onion, celery, garlic, bell pepper) to cool.
  13. - Now strain and de-fat both stocks.
  14. - Add all chicken stock and about 2 cups of the sausage stock.
  15. - Bring to boil, and stir a little roux at a time to thicken it.
  16. - Not too much, enough to have body but not too thick.
  17. - Now add mushrooms, chicken, sausages and simmer
  18. - Salt and pepper as needed.
  19. - Now cover and cook 45 minutes more.
  20. - Add chopped Okra (thawed) cook 15 minute more.
  21. - Now serve over rice and crusty French bread!

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