“Our pastor's wife, while we were stationed in Hawaii, gave me this recipe. It taste just like the imu pit roast pork, like they serve at luaus. It's really easy to prepare too. I get tons of compliments and requests for the recipe every time I make it. It is really suppose to say 1 handful of rock salt, but the system won't take that as a measurement. I usually halve the recipe, so I'm not real sure how many servings this makes. I know it makes LOTS. Also - not sure what the size of the bottle is for liquid smoke, but it's small and I believe it is the only size you can buy at a regular grocery store. This can be frozen and tastes just as good, even a month later!”
10hrs 25mins

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  1. Cut deep slices in pork, make criss cross pattern.
  2. take handful hawaiian rock salt and rub it into the meat, making sure to get into the slices.
  3. drizzle one bottle of liquid smoke over pork, making sure it gets into cracks.
  4. sprinkle garlic and pepper over top of pork.
  5. lay onion rings on top.
  6. slice bananas into halves or thirds and lay on top of pork and in cracks.
  7. put a little water on bottom of pan.
  8. cover tightly with foil and slow bake over night at 250 to 300 degrees.
  9. when done, remove onions and bananas and shred meat.

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