“Super easy recipe. Now, it is perfect for those of us who like salty and savory tastes. This is always a hit for cookouts! Grill over charcoal for best flavor but gas is fine too!”
1hr 30mins
2 pounds

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  1. The seasoning amounts are approximate --
  2. Rinse tri tip and pat dry with paper towels. It's easiest to season the meat in a casserole pan or cookie sheet (to avoid mess). Sprinkle Montreal steak seasoning, heavy, over all sides of meat and rub it inches Next, sprinkle lemon pepper over all sides of meat and rub inches Do not go heavy on the lemon pepper - stick to the tablespoon. Now coat in parmesan cheese. Press it into the meat so it's literally totally white. Let stand about an hour to bring meat to room temperature and get the grill ready. Sear the roast and do not move for about 5-7 minutes. This is important to do on all sides -- If you move it, the seasonings will fall off and you want to achieve a crispy crust on the meat. Grill to desired doneness. It's best medium! let rest covered with foil for 10-15 minutes. Slice across the grain. Enjoy!

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