“This is a Gujrati speciality!”
24hrs 15mins

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  1. Put the channa dal, urad dal and the rice in a bowl.
  2. Add water till it covers the surface of these.
  3. Allow to remain soaked for 4-5 hours.
  4. Grind all together in a mixie.
  5. Transfer to a big bowl.
  6. Allow to ferment overnight.
  7. The following morning, whisk the mixture of the dals and rice, so as to incorporate as much air as possible into it.
  8. Add some water, salt, turmeric powder, ginger-chilli paste and baking soda.
  9. Grease a thali with oil on the sides and base as well.
  10. Pour a thin layer (evenly spread it out) onto the thali.
  11. Steam for 5-7 minutes.
  12. Unmold onto a plate.
  13. Put into a bowl and mash it well.
  14. Now, heat some oil in a pan.
  15. Add mustard seeds, allow to crackle, then and the mashed mixture.
  16. Mix.
  17. Add garlic paste and fry till the raw smell is gone.
  18. Add sugar and mix well.
  19. Garnish with cilantro, sevain and coconut.
  20. Serve immediately.

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