“I have modified my regular Miracle Whip-based chicken salad recipe and tailored it to my kidneys' needs by eliminating most of the seasoned salt and pickles. I use my scale to weigh the meat and help get a more accurate sense of the amount of protein, as 3oz of boneless, skinless chicken breast contains about 26g. This is actually quite filling and makes for a pretty substantial sandwich or eaten without bread, to further reduce sodium. It's perfect for lunch or dinner! I like a creamier salad, so I use 2 servings of Miracle Whip. This recipe is also low in potassium and phosphorus.”
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  1. Boil the chicken until cooked with the Lowry's seasoning salt, just enough that you can see it's orange color in the water. It doesn't take much. It may be omitted completely to reduce sodium.
  2. Cut the celery stalk in half lengthwise and dice it into 1/4" pieces, then dice the onion.
  3. Once you have determined the chicken is done, let it cool down to where it's safe to touch and shred it finely, into a bowl, by hand.
  4. Add The Miracle Whip, Gulden's mustard, onion powder, celery, onions, and pickle juice and stir it well with a fork until completely mixed.

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