Lamb Chops Scottadito

“Lamb Chops Scottaditto: Scottaditto means finger-blistering, and with these lamb chops it's a serious risk: they're so good you'll not want to wait for them to cool. The recipe comes”
12hrs 40mins

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  1. Combine the olive oil and wine in a bowl; crush the juniper berries and garlic, tear the bay leaf; Combine crushed berries or gin, and garlic with the lemon wedges and ADD to the oil and wine mixture.
  2. Pour the mixture over the lamb chops and marinade for at least 12 HOURS in refrigerater; turning the pieces occasionally; (A plastic ziplock bag works great).
  3. You can either cook the lamb chops in a skillet, over a brisk flame, or grill them over the coals;In either case, lay slices of lemon from the marinade over them as they cook, turn occasinally, and salt them well when they are almost done; If you are cooking them over the coals you may also want to baste them with the marinade, Enjoy.

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