“This recipe comes from Kraftfoods.com. I found it one day and thought it was a neat idea to serve lasgna. It is!! It turned out quite nice and was a crowd pleaser. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. NOTE: The recipe calls for a jar of spaghetti sauce, but I do use my own (anything homemade is better!). And, PLEASE feel free to add more cheese if you like it cheesy!! WE DO!!”
1hr 20mins
9 rolls

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Preheat oven to 350º.
  2. Brown ground beef in skillet on medium-high heat. Drain off any excess fat.
  3. Mix 1/2 of the jar of spaghetti sauce with the ground beef in skillet; stir to combine.
  4. In a small bowl mix the ricotta cheese, egg and 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese.
  5. Working with one lasagna noodle at a time; lay one flat in front of you. Spread 2 heaping Tbs. of the ricotta mixture on the noodle.
  6. Top with a scant 1/4 cup of the meat mixture; spread leaving a little edge around the whole thing.
  7. Sprinkle 2 heaping Tbs. of shredded mozzarella cheese.
  8. Roll up, starting with the short end. Stand on end in a greased 8-inch square baking dish.
  9. Pour remaining sauce over all of the noodle rolls in the dish.
  10. Sprinkle with remaining parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.
  11. Bake 45 minutes or until hot and bubbly.
  12. Serve with a green salad and some breadsticks! Enjoy!

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