“my step mother is from spain and makes this alot its a diffrent but awsome flavor combo tender chicken crunchy onions and peppers ." 'must like cumin"”
2hrs 20mins

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  1. cut chicken up in to chunks or strips.
  2. put in plastic bag or container and pour the malt liquer over it.
  3. cut up the onions and the peppers chunks or strips.
  4. mince the garlic.
  5. put half the onion and half the peppers and half of the garlic in the marinade.
  6. add the cumin 1tbls also to meat marinade.
  7. let meat marinade at least 1 hour.longer if you can.
  8. drain meat set aside save onions peppers and garlic.
  9. heat large skillet with butter and olive oil mixture.
  10. dry the chicken before frying let it get golden brown the beer helps with that dont over crowd the pan or it will steam.
  11. when chicken is done remove from pan and satue all of the onions and peppers and garlic becareful not to burn the garlic.
  12. when mixture is crisp tender add back to the pan 1 tsp of cumin the chicken and add the salt and pepper. if you like you can add some red pepper flakes also i do some times.
  13. serve over rice.

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