Lavender scented soap sticks

“This recipe found on a herb/craft talk forum. Posting for request for lavender uses.Guessing at quantity as recipe not tried.”
3hrs 5mins
3 cardboard tubes

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 4 ounces unperfumed white bath soap, grated
  • 5 tablespoons water
  • 3 tablespoons lavender flowers, ground in food processor
  • 1 -2 drop lavender oil
  • 1 drop food coloring (optional)
  • vegetable oil


  1. For the cardboard tubes you can make these using white cardboard and masking tape- tape up one end well, so the mixture doesn't run out.
  2. Place the soap and water in a large bowl and place in the microwave on high 2-3 mins (or melt over a pan of simmering water) Stir the mixture and add the lavender, oil and color if using.
  3. Mix well.
  4. Using a funnel pout the mixture into the tubes, standing upright til soap sets about 2-3 hours Remove the mold and cut the soap diagonally into short sticks.
  5. Polish with few drops of vegetable oil on a soft cloth Great gift ideas- Wrap in bundles with organza ribbon and a silk flower hot glued to middle of bow.

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