Lemon Dill Rustic Mashed Potatoes With Scallions & Gruyere

“These are some of my favorite spuds. No sour cream and no garlic, just fresh herbs and a little lemon to brighten up the dish and of course some cheese to even make it better. They are easy and really good. This is a favorite of mine to serve with grilled lamb, roast pork, or even fish.”

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  1. Potatoes -- Cook the potatoes in a pot of salted medium boiling water. Cook until semi-tender, but not too soft. NOTE -- we are not mashing to a smooth consistency, so I like to keep them a bit under cooked so they become a rough mash vs a creamy texture. This is just my preference, but they would work both ways. I just prefer a rough mash for this particular dish. Drain well, and let cool slightly in the pot covered while you make combine the other ingredients.
  2. Sauce -- In a large measuring cup or small bowl heat up the butter, milk, chicken broth (I start with 3/4 cup, you can always add more if you want the spuds a bit thinner texture), mustard, onion and scallions on medium heat in the microwave. You don't want it boiling just warmed up. Two (2) minutes on medium should be plenty.
  3. Finish -- Put the potatoes back on medium heat and rough mash. You can use a potato masher, fork, back of a spoon, anything you want. Then add the cheese, lemon zest, dill (start out with 1 tablespoon, you can always add more) and the warm broth mixture and mix well. If you want a creamier texture, you can add a bit more broth or milk. Also you can add more dill if you like and check for seasoning and adjust if needed. Just stir a couple of minutes on minutes to heat everything through.
  4. I love to garnish with a fresh lemon slice over the potatoes.

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