Lemon Meringue Cheesecake

“DD loves her cheesecake and DH loves his lemon meringue pie, so to please both I thought I would try this recipe I found in Good Taste Magazine. They both liked it but both thought it needed more lemon flavour, so I have adjusted some of the ingredients to suit their tastes. I have not included cooling and chilling time in preparation time.”
2hrs 30mins
10 wedges

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  1. Line the base of a 22cm spring form pan with baking paper. Place the biscuits in a food processor, process until finely crushed. Add the butter and process until well combined. Transfer the biscuit mixture to prepared pan. Use a straight sided glass to spread and press the biscuit mixture over the base and the sides of pan. Cover with plastic wrap and place in fridge until chilled.
  2. Preheat oven to 160c. Place the cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, lemon rind and juice in food processor and process until combined (make sure food processor bowl is clean).
  3. Pour the cream cheese mixture on top of biscuit base. Bake for 1 hour or until just set in centre. Leave the cheesecake in oven, with the door slightly ajar, for 2 hours until completely cool (this is to prevent cracking of the cake). Remove cake from oven and place in fridge for 4 hour to chill.
  5. Use an electric beater to whisk the egg whites in a clean, dry bowl until firm peaks form. Gradually add the sugar, one tablespoon at a time, beating constantly until the mixture is thick and glossy.
  6. Preheat oven to 200c. Spoon the meringue over the cheesecake, spread to the edge. Bake in oven for 5-8 minutes or until lightly browned. Let cool for 5 minutes and place in fridge for 2-3 hours to chill.
  7. Serve.

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