“This is another of Libby's recipes. The pickles come out crunchy and good. This is a really old recipe and takes a lot of time, but it's worth it. It is made in the old crocks for 10 days.”
240hrs 45mins

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Soak cucumbers in salt brine (2 cups salt to 5 quarts cucumbers with enough water to cover).
  2. Make sure you cover with a plate with a weight on top so all cucumbers are under brine.
  3. Soak these for 3 days in crock made for pickles.
  4. On 4th day, drain and add 2 tablespoon alum to 1 gallon water. Soak in this mixture for 3 days with plate and weight again.
  5. On 7th day, drain and soak in clean water with plate and weight again.
  6. On 10th day, drain and pack tightly in quart jars and pour the following syrup over cucumbers: boil 6 cups sugar to 1 pint vinegar and spices.
  7. Put on lids and process in hot water bath 45 minutes.

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