“ONLY 22 Calories per cookie. The best diet cookies, they do taste great and contain only fraction of the calories a normal cookie would, on top of that they have 0% fat and sugar, and have a higher protein content as well. Enjoy them”
13-16 cookies

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  1. It is very essential to use soy flour as it plays important role in thickening the mixture, and the buckwheat flour makes the mixture more dense *they have unique bonding properties).
  2. If you don't have buckwheat flour, than you can use 1 egg white instead, but do use soy flour, it is irreplaceable and easy to obtain.
  3. Mix the oats, flour's & baking powder.
  4. Add at least 50ml (1.5 oz) warm water to start with, and mix until very thick batter is made, than add more water [max. 80ml (3oz) in total] note that more water makes the cookies softer inside and crunchy outside, try 1/2 of the mix with less and the rest with more water and see which one you like better.
  5. Preheat oven to 180-200 Celsius (350-400 Fahrenheit).
  6. Splash/Flatten on baking paper in very small circles (not more than 1 tablespoon dough per cookie, and bake starting from 15 min until max 25-30 (depending if you like them crunchy or soft, more water requires more baking) you can also experiment & make them bigger, but they will stay more softer inside.

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