“My mother makes this for every big holiday get-together, and it is always a huge hit. Don't let the ingredients fool you--they taste extraordinary together, and this is such an easy treat to bring to a potluck or office party. (Also, the cheese ball looks great in a cake dome, if you need to transport it.)”
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  1. Grate cheeses (except cream cheese) at room temperature.
  2. Add garlic and mix grated cheeses with cream cheese by hand, making sure to mix well (gunky, but it works).
  3. Mold into a ball and roll in a half and half mixture of chili powder and paprika--it's easiest to spread the spices liberally on a plate or board to do this, and be sure your spices are mixed together well.
  4. Wrap in foil, waxed paper or clingfilm and let the ball stand in the refrigerator for at least one full hour.
  5. (This can also easily be made the night before, just keep it in the fridge.) Set out for a few minutes before serving, or it will be like a rock!
  6. Serve with your favorite crackers--Ritz or other buttery kinds complement it well.

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