“This is one of those dishes that my kids would never even taste because they didn't like the smell of the lobster. Now that they have tried it I have to share it! I usually just throw this together and never worry about measurements, but this is my best guess. Add or subtract to your liking.”

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  1. Break up cooked lobster meat.
  2. I like to have mine broken rather small, again, you be the judge.
  3. You can't really mess this recipe up.
  4. Lay the meat in the bottom of a glass pan, the lobster should cover the bottom of the pan.
  5. I have also made this in those individual little thingies you make onion soup in, this is nice if you are having company.
  6. Pour some melted butter on top of the lobster.
  7. Just enough to coat it a little.
  8. At this point is when I usually start to pick at the lobster, You know: One for the pan, one for me!
  9. TRY not to do this, it really is better if you have a nice amount of lobster at the bottom of the dish!
  10. Pour some Half& Half over the meat next.
  11. The milk should come just about half way up the meat, not cover it.
  12. Don't worry if you think you have poured too much, it will be okay.
  13. I did this once and looked like an idiot at the sink trying to pour out some milk while keeping the lobster in!
  14. It will all work out in the end, promise!
  15. Put in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes.
  16. While this is cooking you can make the crust.
  17. Super easy.
  18. Just crush up the crackers, right in a frying pan.
  19. Use the back of a big spoon, as fine as you like em.
  20. I don't make mine super fine, just kinda crushed.
  21. Then add whats left of the stick of butter.
  22. You can add more if you think it is too dry.
  23. Throw in the garlic and parsley.
  24. Cook over low heat just to let the butter melt.
  25. Stir it all together so the crackers get nice and coated.
  26. Spread this evenly over the lobster.
  27. Push it down a bit so that it can absorb the liquid in the pie.
  28. Set back in the oven for about 5 minutes.
  29. Let it sit on the counter for a couple minutes, just to set up and cool a bit.
  30. And then enjoy!
  31. That was sure a lot of typing for such an easy recipe, but it is worth it.
  32. One of my favorie things to make and to eat!

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