London Broil W/ Balsamic Kick

“London broil, grilled to perfection. I have tried many, and keep coming back to the sweet and tangy of this marinade. This can be reduced to half for a smaller roast, although the left overs are AWESOME”

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  1. I cut the larger size steaks in half, only to cook evenly.
  2. mix all ingredients in bowl, use a ziploc bag to marinate meat. once marinade is mixed, pour evenly over meat in bag. refrigerate for 2-24 hours. any longer the meat gets salty. turn bag every couple hours if possible to coat meat.
  3. take meat out 45 minutes prior to grilling.
  4. do not throw marinade out -- but take bay leaves out prior to cooking.
  5. Pre heat grill on medium for 15 min.
  6. I try and use a meat thermomater in one half of the steak, or in the middle for a full roast.
  7. keep grill on medium and sear steak for 7 minutes on each side, I then indirect grill them for an additional 11 minutes each side pouring the marinade on between turns.
  8. the meat thermometer will reach medium rare/medium with in this time.
  9. and the steak should have a nice balsamic crust on it.
  10. remove steaks and allow to cook another 5 min on cutting board.
  11. this allows juices to become AMAZING!
  12. slice to desired thickness, and enjoy the flavor -- .

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