“You may want to take the batteries out of your smoke alarm when you cook this. Remember to put them back in. Chinese, brought here to build the railroads, invented ketchup using ingredients they found here. From koechiap (tomato sauce).”
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  1. This dish requires you to hang to pork from an oven rack set at the highest position.
  2. If the pork pieces are long, cut them to about 5 inches.
  3. Drop peeled garlic into a running blender or food processor.
  4. Add soy sauce, sugar, ketchup, and Hoisin sauce.
  5. Blend until sugar is dissolved.
  6. Marinate pork pieces in the mixture for 2 days, turning every 8 hours.
  7. Meanwhile, cut up coat hangers and fabricate S-shaped hooks with a small U-shaped loop at one end, sized to fit your oven rack, and a larger loop at the other end to hang the pork.
  8. The shaft should be about 3" long.
  9. Heat hooks over high heat until glowing red, then toss them into cold water.
  10. You may have to do this twice to burn off the paint.
  11. Lightly oil the hooks and store them in an old jar.
  12. Place rack at highest position; remove other rack.
  13. Place a foil lined pan of water on the bottom of the oven.
  14. Hang pork, set oven to 350°F, when it comes to temperature, set timer for 1 hour.

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