Low-Cal Series: 10 Minute Fajitas

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“Delicious Mexican Fajitas made with all the right ingredients. Low enough in calories you can have two for dinner! (Though just one with a salad is quite satisfying.) I'm calling these 10 minute Fajitas because you prepare the other ingredients while the chicken is cooking...about 10 minutes, depending upon your skill with a knife.”
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  1. Pull out all of your veges, rinse them and have them sitting beside cutting board ready to go.
  2. Rinse chicken breast well under cool water from tap. Slice into either 4 strips (long-wise) or 8 short strips (side to side). Your preference. Coat the sliced chicken with the garlic, salt and pepper. *** If you like you can sprinkle on some chili powder, cumin and cayenne--as you do with the salt an pepper--it doesn't take much. It tastes great with or without it, but adding it does add some depth of flavor (and not enough calories to mention). Rinse (or flip) cutting board.
  3. Spray Pam Cooking Spray in a medium skillet and set on burner at High. (this is for electric -- If you are cooking with gas, you will want to wait until you have the chicken, bell peppers and onions cut up before turning on the stove. Also, if using gas, set temp to medium high. We just want to first sear the chicken, then do same with peppers and onions, then reduce heat to allow all to cook through.)
  4. Start cutting the Bell Pepper into thin slices. It's ok if they are long, that's the way we do it!
  5. Set the chicken in the pan and just give it a nice 30 second sear on one side, then flip the chicken. Toss in the bell pepper.
  6. Now, cut the onion. Long thin slices are perfect. Don fret over separating the rings once you cut them. They will do this themselves in the pan as you stir-fry. So, stir the chicken and the bell pepper and toss in the onion.
  7. At this point, reduce heat to medium (if you are using gas, you may need to reduce heat to medium low). Keep a 1/2 eye on the skillet as you want to stir it up occasionally, but it can sit there a good 3 or 4 minutes and be just fine before flipping. You want it to brown a tad (that's where all the flavor comes from!).
  8. Veges: dice tomatoes, jalapeno and slice lettuce. I usually get the serving plates out and place vege piles on each of the plates, but if you want to put them in yet another container, that's your call and your dish washing. (-;.
  9. Pop wraps in microwave for about 30 seconds (or not -- I usually eat the Labanderita Whole Wheat Fajita Wraps right out of the bag--they are really soft and quite delicious).
  10. On the Avocado and Sour Cream. You can put them on individually, in fact, If I did it that way, I would use a butter knife and do a swipe across each side with each. But, consider making a makeshift guacamole by mixing the sour cream, avocado and tomatoes and spreading it across the entire fajita wrap. It's pretty much delicious no matter how you choose to do it.
  11. On the cheese, since you can't have a whole lot when you are dieting, I find i prefer to just have a couple of small slices there rather than grating because I get a better taste of cheese when I bite into the fajita, but you could choose to grate it. At any rate, after you have the wrap the way you want it, lay down the cheese on one side.
  12. Carefully pull the chicken from the pan and set it on a napkin a moment to discharge any grease/oil that may be present, then set it atop the cheese on your wraps.
  13. Add your taco sauce and enjoy!
  14. These come in, with all the ingredients around 180 calories each, which isn't too bad, considering everything is just what it is, no diet stuff, no fat free stuff. You could cut the calories further by using those items -- but, whats 20 calories when it comes to flavor? We usually just have one with a salad. Since I do not eat dressing, my dinner comes in at around 225 calories. It is quite satisfying and filling.

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