Low Fat Basic White Sauce (Without Butter)

“My DH cannot have butter or oil in his diet so I searched online and found this basic sauce without butter. The stock & flour mixture will be hard to get nice and smooth, I find the blender helps to get the lumps all out. Vary with different herbs and spices - for fish add lime zest, juice, dill, pepper or Dijon mustard. By changing to soy milk and vegetable stock it is suitable for vegetarians.”
1 1/2 cups

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  1. Pour stock into a small saucepan and heat; once hot add cornflour and stir constantly to cook flour, it will be very thick, yellowy & clear.
  2. Off stove add the milk, very slowly stirring until smooth; this is where I need the blender to get the lumps out.
  3. Put back on medium heat, add the extra stock and continue stirring until it thickens; add the onion powder, herbs, pepper and salt.
  4. You may need more stock or skim milk, when I made this tonight, on heating it up after it had cooled it became thicker and needed to be thinned a little.

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