“These are the real deal! They take some time but they are well worth it. I usually get together with a few friends and we make large batches and freeze them.”

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  1. Cook pork in skillet till done. Drain and Set aside. In non stick skillet sauté finely chopped veg. (Do not add any oil or water when cooking veg.) Mix ground pork with veg. Add lots of Garlic Powder and some pepper. Cut Lumpia Wrappers in half diagonal. Place some filling in center of wide end of wrapper, fold sides over and roll into egg roll shape. Seal point with mixture of cornstarch and water. (Form a glue substance) Fry in cooking oil on high heat till brown.
  2. May be made ahead and frozen, no need to thaw them just fry them frozen. Yield 50.
  3. I have started drizzling them with olive oil and baking them at about 450 degrees until brown and crisp.
  4. Sauce:.
  5. Pour Vinegar, Water & Sugar in pot DO NOT STIR cook on low heat till blended. Wait 5 minute then add Soy Sauce & Ketchup Stir. May add cornstarch to thicken. Store in jar on shelf do not refrigerate.

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