Mango Lassi - Simplest & Quickest

“When you enjoy what you like, you should find out how it's made and help spread the word to people who might not have had the chance to try! I read over the others here on Recipezaar site and thought what was needed is a simple, effective one for everyone's busy lifestyle. A couple of thoughts: - The main thing for this recipe is the 2:1:1 ratio. If you want to increase or decrease it due to your available ingredients (or if you don't have measuring instruments), just use that proportion with whatever container you have handy. In my case, due to the size of my blender, I made four smaller batches and poured into a one gallon jug to take to a get-together. - Some of the other recipes added sugar or sweetener, I found that with the type of canned pulp that I purchased, it was already sufficiently sweet that no additional sugar needed to be added. You may want to taste your batch and adjust to your liking if you can not get the sweetened variety. - Do I need to say that the Yogurt should be fresh? If it is not, there is a chance that if it is sour or flavored, the taste will come out quite different. Who knows, maybe it'll be to your preference! - If you want your to be more exotic, you can add more cardamom (but not too much to overpower the mango flavor) or add rose water. - Fresh mangoes versus canned - depends if you want to take the risk of finding non-fibrous or stringy mangoes and ones that are just ripe. If you want to make this quick and easy, go with uniform quality of the canned. This will also free you to being able to make the dish any time of the year! - Obviously you can also freeze and make popsicles if you have the appropriate paraphernalia. This could be a sneaky way for it to become a kid-pleaser. Another variation is to add cut up pieces of fruit and have a fruit salad dessert with the mango lassi as the base. Some people like it with bananas, others with strawberries (like my wife), or you can go pineapple, apples, mandarins, etc. Enjoy!”
32 ounces

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  1. Mix all in a blender.
  2. Keep in refrigerator to serve cold (otherwise add over ice but that will dilute the taste and not be as flavorful). Shake before pouring.

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