Maple Sausage. (Start to Finish, Single Grind.)

“This recipe includes grinding your own pork, but you can substitute store bought grind. This is a very mild sausage. For this recipe no casings or stuffer were used, but hand formed links are pretty easy and take the same amount of time as making small breakfast patties if so desired. The whole process is easier than it seems and very worth trying. You also then know what is in your sausage.”
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  1. (**IF Using store bought ground, skip to 3.) Cube your meats up so that your grinder can easily work with it. 1X1 cubes work well.
  2. Grind your pork with the course grind plate, (medium) putting the grind as it comes out of the grinder into a large bowl. You can use a hand grinder or an electric, both will have equal results. If using electric, I suggest something with 350 watts or better.
  3. **Now that you have your ground, add all the seasoning's, by sprinkling them over the top of the grind.
  4. By Hand, Mix well. You want all the seasoning's through the meat evenly, so mix for at least a couple minutes by hand, folding it into its self, and kneading it together.
  5. Reserve what will be used immediately and store away the rest in freezer bags. (Freezes well.) I broke the remaining sausage mix into roughly 200 gram packs, which makes about 5-6 hand made links. (which is plenty for breakfast for our family, but may not be for yours.).
  6. Using a couple tablespoons of oil in a fry pan or griddle, cook on medium-low to medium heat, watching and turning when appropriate to avoid any burning until done and juices run clear.

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