“These olives get better with age, but the world will never know how good they can get since they don't last very long. I prepare all my olives this way. I mix them all up in a large jar and just pick out the ones I want for a particular recipe or just use a medley. They are stored in the refrigerator and the olive oil may harden; this does not affect flavor or quality. If you prefer your olives less oily, run under running water to rinse.”
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  1. Drain brining liquid and rinse assorted olives of your choice. Place in large jar. Combine olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a separate bowl or jar. Add remaining ingredients to olives. Pour in enough oil/vinegar mixture to just cover. Place cover on jar and shake to mix ingredients.
  2. Store in refrigerator. Olives can be used right away, but the flavors will be optimal after about 2 weeks or so. These are terrific eaten as is or add to salads and other dishes. Disregard nutritional info since you won't be eating the liquid, I hope.

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