Marinated Pan- Roasted Duck Breasts

“I prepare this on special occasions such as a romantic New Year's Eve dinner or my husband's birthday. Though I prefer tarragon, you could use basil leaves or rosemary instead. I keep it simple, serving with oven roasted herbed-potatoes (over which the sauce is excellent) and fresh asparagus.”
12hrs 15mins

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  1. For marinade: Combine wine, soy sauce, garlic, tarragon and pepper in a shallow bowl large enough to contain both breasts side by side.
  2. Marinate the breasts overnight.
  3. Just before cooking, strain marinade liquid into saucepan.
  4. Heat a large saute pan without any oil.
  5. Score the fatty side of each breast several times.
  6. Pan-roast breasts, FAT-side down for about 2 minutes.
  7. Turn to flesh side, and cook another 10 minutes.
  8. Remove from saute pan to cutting board.
  9. At the same time as you are cooking the breasts, bring marinade to boil, adding butter and sherry.
  10. Boil vigorously 5 minutes or until slightly reduced and beginning to thicken.
  11. Slice breast thinly on the bias, away from the fat.
  12. Return the slices BRIEFLY to the hot saute pan to brown.
  13. By this I mean literally lay each slice in the pan, immediately turn it over, and remove.
  14. This will cook the duck medium rare.
  15. Serve with sauce.

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