“This is a cough syrup you can make and take all you want. My mother made this for me as a child and I did the same for my two kids and grandchildren. It tastes good and is all natural. It does help the tickle. The vinegar cuts the molasses and the butter makes it smooth.”
1 cup

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  1. In a pan heat the molasses, vinegar, and butter.
  2. Pour into a special mug for your child.
  3. Stick a plastic spoon in it and all you have to do when you want it reheated is to put it in the microwave for only a VERY SHORT time and it will be hot and ready for another dose.
  4. At night, put a heating pad on LOW with a facecloth on top of it and set the cup on it so that it will be warm when needed during the night--(try this during the day so you will know if it is the right temperature to leave on at night).
  5. If you have a couple of kids with a cough, make them each one of their own.

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